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So, you've decided that you want to pursue a career in sports. 

You love watching sports on TV, going to games or participate on a team yourself.  Maybe you were a competitive athlete in school or when you were young, and maybe you are still competing.  Now you want to pursue your career in a field that you have a great passion for.

Congratulations!  You've made a good choice.  As Rick Bay can attest, with 25 years of experience in athletics administration and management, you will find yourself in a job that is going to give you a little of everything.

Rick has written two books that give readers a behind-the-scenes look at some of American's most prestigious athletic organizations.  His first book, FROM THE BUCKEYES TO THE BRONX, educates readers on what it is like to be an Athletic Director at an NCAA Division I school - Ohio State University and the University of Oregon - and as Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees.  His recently released second book, HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL: My Nomadic Life as a Sports Executive, chronicles his last three jobs with The University of Minnesota and San Diego State University, and the Cleveland Indians.

As Rick found out when he was hired at the University of Oregon, his first sports management position, it wasn't the glamorous job he'd expected.  Instead of "roaming through the private suites surround the court, glad-handing our donors and skillfully laying the groundwork among their guests for future solicitations" or "doing radio interviews" extolling the virtues of a team surely headed to a championship season, he was standing in the cold, outside of McArthur Court while inside there was a bingo game going on at halftime of a basketball game!  How else were they to pay for the paint for the gymnasium!

Those early days didn't keep Rick from knowing that he had found a career home in sports management, and so can you.  This website will provide some helpful information for you in your search for the perfect job: interviews with people working in sports, links to job and resource information and more.  Begin by reading Rick's Sports Career FAQs.

Rick is also looking forward to speaking at educational institutions and sports conferences about his career to help people to find their own way in the ever-growing and changing landscape of sports in the United States and the world.

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