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HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL: My Nomadic Life as a Sports Executive is a sequel to Rick's first book, From the Buckeyes to the Bronx, which was published in 2013.  In Buckeyes, Rick chronicled his jobs as athletics director at Oregon and Ohio State and his brief, but tumultuous, tenure as chief operating officer at the New York Yankees.

HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL picks up where the first book ended, with Rick heading to the University of Minnesota as their new Athletic Director.  Rick's first tasks were not easy ones, as he was inheriting the end of one NCAA investigation and the beginning of another. Rick would also deal with the far-reaching decision made by the university president without his - or anyone's - input.  Penn State would become the 11th member of the Big Ten.

When a new and exciting opportunity to become the President of the Cleveland Indians became available, Rick was the choice of team owner Dick Jacobs.  Rick was back in Major League Baseball, joining a team that wasn't putting up record stats but which was building a strong future.  A new stadium, a deep minor league organization and a fan base ready for success were on his agenda.  Unfortunately for Rick, the owner had other plans.

Rick's final stop as a sports executive, and his longest, was next, at San Diego State University.  What Rick would face there would test him on all of the skills and expertise he had gained since his first days in Oregon.  Dealing with the media with agendas, coaches on their own missions and facilities that were helped together with a string and prayer were just a few of Rick's challenges.  In the end, Rick decided it was time for him to retire and travel the world as he'd always wanted, looking back on a career he felt very lucky to have had.



Rick's first book, From The Buckeyes to the Bronx, is also available and makes a great companion read with Have Resume - Will Travel As a Sports Executive.  

From his first job as athletic director at the University of Oregon, through his tenure in the same position at The Ohio State University and then ending with his often-tumultuous time as COO of the fabled New York Yankees, Rick entertains and educates.

Available in both paperback and kindle version, you can buy your copy here

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