Sports Executive and Author



For nearly 25 years, Rick Bay walked the unexpected and unpredictable path of a sports executive, and he did it from coast to coast at the highest levels of competitive athletics.

From the Buckeyes to the Bronx is his memoir, unique as a sports story that covers the topics from the perspective of an executive.  Books by players, coaches and managers are commonplace, but the colorful behind-the-scenes accounts in this book come from an entirely different angle.  He's sharing his stories for the first time.

The book opens at the University of Oregon, Rick's first job as Athletic Director, where bingo during basketball games was necessary to raise funds and the track and field program grew to international prominence.  

Rick next takes the reader to The Ohio State University, one of the best known sports programs in the country.  As a "Michigan man" in Buckeye territory, Rick must first establish himself with fans and followers.  He does just that and more, building a tremendous program, until a national, public controversy ends his tenure.

Finally, Rick invites the reader to join him in the inner sanctum of, perhaps, the most celebrated of sports organizations ever: The New York Yankees.  For a chaotic and stressful, but fascinating 100 days, Rick worked for the late George Steinbrenner as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  Rick's experience had its ups and downs and there was never a dull moment.

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