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Sports as a career is an aspiration for many young students in, or getting ready, to attend college.  Universities of all sizes and in all areas of the country are responding with sports management programs and related majors and minors.  At the undergraduate and graduate level, students are preparing for their futures in classrooms and in the field.  

Providing students with hands-on experience and stories about a career in sports is important to their complete education.  Rick's background and extensive experience - 25 years - in the field can be an invaluable resource. Rick's experiences would offer students a real-world look at the career they seek to enter and add a rich dimension to their academic studies.

 is Rick's first book and provides an informative and often humorous behind-the-scenes look at his first sports executive jobs, at three of America's premiere programs: Athletic Director of the University of Oregon, the Ohio State University and as Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees.

Rick's second book, HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL: MY NOMADIC LIFE AS A SPORTS EXECUTIVE, is also an excellent learning tool for students.  In this book, he writes about his jobs as athletics director at the University of Minnesota and San Diego State University, and his tenure as President of the Cleveland Indians.

Both books offer stories and anecdotes that both entertain and educate, and as such are being recommended and used as a supplemental text book for students enrolled in sport management degree programs at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  If you would like to learn more about including FROM THE BUCKEYES TO THE BRONX and HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL in your curriculum, or would like to invite Rick to speak to your students (in person, where available, or by Skype) please contact Rick at thebaywatch@msn.com.


Dr. Steven Krause, who has designed a sports management program at a university in Portland, Oregon and who has served as an academic dean, urges fellow educators to include a variety of literature in the class room to augment other course materials.

“I routinely rely on the literature to teach leadership to college students and would encourage faculty who teach sports management related courses to include Rick’s memoirs. Since we tend to idolize sports heroes and their associated sports programs, this book would be perfect for those students going into the world of sports management. They can learn much from the ethical leadership insights and the managerial practices demonstrated by Rick Bay.”

He adds, “Rick’s book is captivating and fun to read, especially if you have ever been involved in sports on any level.”

"Very few books on intercollegiate athletics administration have actually been written by college athletic directors.  Rick Bay's From the Buckeyes to the Bronx fills this void with an amazing collection of stories from his time as athletic director at Ohio State and Oregon.  Bay's insights into administering college athletic departments will give students a great perspective on college sports during the 1980s and the subsequent growth shortly thereafter.  The book's final section is an entertaining bonus about the author's bizarre 100 days as chief operating officer for George Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees."

Brian A. Turner, Ph.D. Associate Professor/Program Coordinator Sport Management

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