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Career: EVP, COO, New York Yankees

Rick with Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner
Rick was hired by the New York Yankees in early 1988 after catching the attention of owner George Steinbrenner who followed Ohio State athletics.  Steinbrenner's in-laws resided in Columbus, and the Yankees Triple A farm team, the Columbus Clippers played there.  After Rick's resignation at Ohio State, Steinbrenner had recommended him to become commissioner of the Southeastern Conference.  But when the job did not materialize the Boss brought Rick to New York as the ball club's chief operating officer.

Although Rick's tenure with the team lasted less than four months, it was filled with memorable and sometimes wacky developments and incidents, which he describes in his upcoming book, From the Buckeyes to the Bronx.  

Frustrated by Steinbrenner's inability to allow him the freedom and authority to run the front office, Bay left the team to pursue a job with a fledgling New York television production company.  But he and Steinbrenner remained friends, and George ultimately recommended him to become the president of the Cleveland Indians in 1992.

"I've had lots of jobs," says Rick, "but the one most people want to hear about is the Yankees, even though I was there only for a cup of coffee.  If everyone who has asked me buys my book it will be a bestseller."
Rick in his office in Yankee Stadium

Rick in the office he shared with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner

Rick and Yankees GM Brian Cashman

Rick with Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman

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