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With a 25-year career as a sports executive that included stops at some of the United States' most prestigious and well-known athletic organizations, Rick Bay was sure to have great stories.  And he did, so he put them into his first two books that give readers a unique and entertaining behind-the-scenes look at big-time sports in America.

But Rick had a passion as great as sports -- travel. Beginning with his first trip abroad as an Army Reservist through his most recent trip to Antarctica (his 7th and final continent), Rick has exercised his desire for adventure travel.

His new book, FORBIDDEN TRAVEL: WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT THE WORLD has just been released by publisher Allined Books.  In it, Rick takes readers around the world as he learns about the countries he's visiting through the eyes of local guides who teach him about their world and what they think of his.

Rick's mission with every trip was to explore and to be enlightened by the people of the unheralded countries he visited -- unheralded, at least, in terms of tourist destinations. The author was much more interested in the people and how they perceived the United States and the world.






Rick's first book, From The Buckeyes to the Bronx, chronicled the first three positions he held as a sports executive.  He followed that with his second book, Have Resume Will Travel.

Each book featured entertaining looks behind-the-scenes of well-known sports organizations await the reader. 

Rick's most recent book
changes topics to another of Rick's passions - Travel.


Rick's third book, "Forbidden Travel: What I Learned About the World" has just been released by Publisher Allined Books.  In this book, complete with color photos, Rick details how he visited countries that the U.S. State Department advised travelers to avoid. But, looking for adventure travel, he went.

With his recent trip that included an eventful stop in Antarctica, (the source for the photo at the top of the page), Rick has now traveled to 85 foreign countries, and all seven continents. Rick is seen here in front of Imam Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. 


Rick enjoyed a 25-year career as a sports executive, beginning at the University of Oregon, where he was Athletics Director.  That job was followed by positions as Athletics Director at The Ohio State University; COO at the New York Yankees; Athletics Director at the University of Minnesota; President of the Cleveland Indians; and Athletics Director at San Diego State University.

 Rick faced many challenges at his jobs, but as he says, "I wouldn't trade one minute of those 25 years.  I was one lucky man."


Thebaywatch.com is the official website of sports executive and author Rick Bay.  Rick enjoyed a 25-year career in sports administration, working with prestigious college and professional sports organizations in the United States.  He left a legacy of hard work and success, and a pursuit for truth and fairness in athletic dealings.  Learn more about Rick here.

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